Monday, December 29, 2014

Ugliest dog in southwest Alameda County

Pug-Chihuahua mix.  Her name is Ginger.

A good problem to have

Who said, "A good game of billiards is a sign of a well-bred man, but a too-good game of billiards is a sign of a youth ill-spent"?

Roll-up kotel

Seen in Palo Alto, CA.

One magazine for him and for her

Till death do us part

Old fogies motorcycle club.

Jewish geography?

וואהער קומט א ייד?

Kan't keep up

How can anyone "keep up with the Kardashians" when there's so much new material coming out all the time?
Maybe flashcards.

The carrot and the stick

Minimum-wage economy edition.  Seen on the way out of the squalid toilet at a Rite-Aid in Union City, CA.

Deep thought

Working on a blog?  Probably not.

Made in China, but not for export

A tourist near Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus.
He said, "I bought it in China".
Who knows what it's supposed to mean...

The opposite of traveling light

Seen in Santa Barbara, CA.

Won't even make a good family heirloom

$300 is the new $200 was the new $100...
Seen at UC Berkeley bookstore.

Extremely specific prohibition

No inline *or* quad skates!  (Seen at UC Davis)

That's no bull

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Americans don't attribute colder weather to climate change"

So says Gallup. Everybody's heard of global warming, but "climate change" is more subtle; it'll take some work before most people understand that everything is evidence for climate change, and nothing can be evidence against it.

The Times has gone into full-court press mode on this, over the last few days. And so has our President, who's flying his 747 cross-country to instruct us about the importance of energy conservation.